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The Polygraph Examination

A Polygraph Examination generally takes approximately 2 hours to complete. There are several phases to this test:

1.  Pre-test Interview<
2.  Question Formulation
3.  Collection of Chart Data
4.  Analysis of Chart Data
5.  Determination of Truth or Deception

Pre-test Interview

This phase involves the examiner describing how the polygraph works and obtains information from the client necessary to understand the issues, and develop appropriate polygraph questions.

Question Formulation

This phase involves the polygraph examiner developing questions, organizing the polygraph examination, and reviewing all questions with the person being examined prior to the polygraph exam.

Collection of Chart Data

This phase is where the subject is connected to the polygraph. The reviewed questions will be asked several times, and the polygraph tracings collected.

Analysis of Chart Data

After the entire polygraph chart data has been collected the polygraph examiner will review the test results and come to a decision of Truthful, Deceptive, or Inconclusive. These examination results will be based upon the data collected during this test.

Determination of Truth or Deception

A Polygraph Examination is considered highly reliable, provided the examiner is trained at an American Polygraph Association accredited school, and uses an accepted technique which has reliability and validity studies. The American Polygraph Association has numerous studies on this subject. You can review them at or contact us for further information.

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