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Types of Polygraph Examinations

There are numerous types of polygraph examinations. These are just a few of what we offer. . .

Pre-Employment Examinations

In Law Enforcement pre-employment polygraph examinations, the questions center around job related inquires, such as theft of funds or merchandise from previous employers, falsification of information on job applications, the use of illegal drugs, and criminal activities. All questions are reviewed and discussed with the examinee prior to the polygraph examination. Only questions reviewed before hand are asked during the polygraph examination.

Post Conviction Sexual Offender Examinations

Post Conviction Sexual Offender Examinations are performed only by American Polygraph Association certified examiners, for this type of specialized test. These examinations are generally designed to identify the sexual history, current legal and illegal sexual activity, and compliance with court ordered conditions of supervision for individuals convicted of a sexual crime. Tests involving “Instant Offense Exams”, “Sexual History Exams”, “Maintenance Exams”, and “Monitoring Exams”, are performed by American Polygraph Association, “Post Conviction Sexual Offender” certified polygraph examiners.

Clinical Examinations  

Polygraph examinations are used to assist in the treatment and care of individuals receiving professional counseling. Confidential information obtained through a polygraph examination helps the counselor and the client identify issues and areas of needed treatment, such as a clients alcohol and drug addiction history or anger management incidents.

Criminal Examinations  

Private attorneys, District Attorneys, and Public Defenders Agencies, can use polygraph services to obtain or confirm specific information on a criminal case, give further credibility to witness or defendant testimony and to aide in directing a client towards a determination in a criminal case.

Civil Examinations  

These examinations assist families deal with issues of honesty with parents, theft within a household, sibling disagreements and other matters involving resolving family unity.

Domestic/Fidelity Examinations  

These examinations are designed to help individuals in a committed relationship determine commitment to a relationship and honesty on sensitive subjects that couples develop. These polygraph exams assist in clearing up misconceptions as to your mate’s fidelity, and credibility issues involving history, behavior and commitment in a relationship.

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