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Dan Carothers - Certified APA Polygraph Examiner
Polygraphist Biography
Dan Carothers is a Certified Polygraph Examiner by the American Polgraph Association and has the following credentials:
  • Bachelor of Science Degree from George Mason University.
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree from Northern Virginia Community College.
  • Graduate of Backster School of Lie Detection.
  • Member of American Polygraph Association.
  • Certified Advanced Post-Conviction Sex Offender Polygraph Examiner (APA).
  • 28 years of law enforcement experience including:
    • Correctional Officer I/II
    • Institutional Probation/Parole Officer II
    • Field Probation/Parole Officer III
    • Correctional Facility Superintendent
  • Recognized as an “Expert” witness in Corrections by the Alaska Superior Court.
  • Certified in “Integrity Leadership”.
  • Recognized by two State Governors for Distinguished Public Service.
  • Formally trained in interviewing and interrogation techniques.
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