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A polygraph test can be used as an investigative tool to detect dishonesty and innocence, to determine who may be implicated, and to identify those who may be involved. Polygraphy shortens the investigative process, saving time and money.


The strength of a polygraph examination has proven to be its utility as a valuable tool in on-going investigations. The purpose of a professional polygraph examination is to verify the truth of a specific statement.

Polygraph examinations have shown a 94% to 97% accuracy rate in reliability and validity studies.

Interview Environment

Polygraph testing should be administered in a low profile, friendly and non-accusatory interview process. Our discretion and professionalism can be relied on for excellent results. Related services include applicant screening and other internal security programs

APA Certified Examiner on Staff

To maintain high standards and ethics, our examiners are all certified by the American Polygraph Association.


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